AMP Server Command Line Arguments

AMP Server Command Line Arguments

The command line arguments when launching brooklyn include several commands for working with the catalog.

  • --catalogAdd <> will add the catalog items in the bom file
  • --catalogReset will reset the catalog to the initial state (based on brooklyn/ on the classpath, by default in a dist in the conf/ directory)
  • --catalogInitial <> will set the catalog items to use on first run, on a catalog reset, or if persistence is off

If --catalogInitial is not specified, the default initial catalog at brooklyn/ will be used. As scanJavaAnnotations: true is set in, AMP will scan the classpath for catalog items, which will be added to the catalog. To launch AMP without initializing the catalog, use --catalogInitial classpath://brooklyn/

If persistence is enabled, catalog additions will remain between runs. If items that were previously added based on items in brooklyn/ or --catalogInitial are deleted, they will not be re-added on subsequent restarts of brooklyn. I.e. --catalogInitial is ignored if persistence is enabled and persistent state has already been created.

For more information on these commands, run brooklyn help launch.