Cloudsoft AMP has a powerful workflow engine and syntax for defining entities, effectors, sensors, and policies.

For example, to define an effector one-and-two which invokes effector one then effector two, you can write:

  - type: workflow-effector
    name: one-and-two
      - invoke-effector one
      - invoke-effector two

This can be used within most Cloudsoft AMP resources.

The syntax supports longhand, conditions, loops, error-handling, variables, a large set of built-in step types, and the ability to define custom step types.

You can also get started by looking at a variety examples.

Finally, you can run individual workflows in on an existing deployment using the “Run workflow” facility in the UI. This is a good way to build familiarity with workflows. Access this by selecting an entity in App Inspector and opening the top-right three-lines menu. To create a sandbox entity to experiment on, deploy a services: [ { type:org.apache.brooklyn.entity.stock.BasicEntity } ] or a services: [ { type: server, location: localhost } ].

If you prefer to read sequentially, simply follow the sub-menu options.