TOSCA User Guide

We recommend starting with:

And then reviewing:

And finally being aware of:

TODO, other topics:

  • passwords and secret information
    • in blueprint
      • not natively supported by TOSCA AFAIK
      • AMP DSL is supported: $brooklyn:external(...) - take from a credential store
      • could add an extension to TOSCA DSL, e.g. lookup_external_value
    • displayed in the UI
      • if a property or attribute name contains “private” or “secret” or “password” or “credential”, it should be hidden
      • we do not hide/suppress data in blueprints, so you must exclude this data in the blueprint (use one of the approaches above)
      • If both TOSCA and CAMP editor tabs are enabled in the Composer, the default behavior for the graphical and the CAMP Editor views is to deploy the CAMP version of the blueprint. For deploying using TOSCA, it’s necessary to use the Deploy button within the TOSCA tab. After going to the TOSCA Editor tab, the required extra.tosca.metadata and the initializer will be added to the CAMP blueprint for providing runtime compatibility