Visual Composer

What is it?

The Visual Composer for AWS CloudFormation and Service Catalog is the easiest way to create Amazon Web Services CloudFormation deployment descriptions, install them to the AWS Service Catalog, run infrastructure and evolve CloudFormation blueprints.

Building on Cloudsoft AMP and Cloudsoft AMP, the Composer brings application design and management best practices to the world of CloudFormation. It makes all AWS resources available on the palette, with validation, context assistance, and common patterns at your fingertips. It exports CloudFormation (CFN) templates via the UI for easy design or the REST API for pipelining. Templates can then be deployed via AWS CFN or installed directly to Service Catalog.

It is the simplest and most powerful tool for working with CloudFormation (CFN) due to its ability to:

  • perform drag-and-drop design
  • recommend properties and values
  • save, version and compose blueprints

How to Launch

Visual Composer is available in the AWS Marketplace. See Launch from Marketplace for instructions.

Once launched, simply enter the instance’s address into your browser and log in with username admin and the instance ID (e.g. i-0123456789abcdef01) as password.

Next Steps

Work through the tutorials:

Other references: