Using CSB - AMP Services

The AMP Services is for managing all of the services that are managed by AMP, including any database reach back services. Here you can view all of the services that have been added and are managed by AMP.


To control the visibility of a service, click on the service definition, which will expand, then click on the ‘Access Control’ button. Select the desiered Orgs, then click ‘Save’.


To add a new AMP managed service, click on the ‘Add AMP Service’ tab and fill in the form; followed by the save button. The service is defined using CAMP YAML syntax, which forms the basis of the core service. This is made simpler by selecting a service type from the dropdown, which will autopopulate the blueprint textarea (in most cases no further editing is required).


Plans are defined as configuration of the basic service; setting the VM specs or the cluster size, for instance. You can add as many different plans as you require.


in Use

You can view which services are being used by clicking on the ‘AMP Service in Use’ tab. It is here that instances of the services are show, with their status and to which applications they have been bound.


By clicking on an instance, you can view the runtime information provided by AMP. A hierarchical graph is shown of the entities that comprise the service; clicking on a node will display the sensors of that entity.