Additional Tools

Cloudsoft AMP comes packaged with a set of additional tools which provide a set of useful miscellaneous functions. AMP uses Apache Karaf at it’s core and this provides a command line interface through which these functions can be accessed.

Karaf CLI

To launch the Karaf CLI run the following line from the AMP install:


This logs the user into the AMP instance and gives them access to the CLI. To get the list of commands available run the command help. To get the details of any command type <command> --help To exit at any time, press Ctrl + d.

Alternatively the commands can be run without logging in to the CLI by running:

bin/client '<command>'

Cloud Compute Tools

The cloud compute tools provide additional miscellaneous cloud functions. These are:

  • cloud:default-template - retrieves metadata about the image and hardware profile that will be used by AMP for that location, if no additional configuration options are supplied.
  • cloud:get-image - retrieves metadata about the specific images for one or more imageIds.
  • cloud:list-hardware-profiles - lists the ids and the details of the hardware profiles available when provisioning. This is useful for finding the possible values for the hardwareId configuration.
  • cloud:list-images - Lists VM images within the given cloud, which can be chosen when provisioning new VMs. This is useful for finding the possible values for the imageId configuration.
  • cloud:list-instances - lists the VM instances within the given cloud.
  • cloud:terminate-instances - terminate instances for one or more instance IDs.

There are additional blob store commands used to access a given object store, such as S3 or Swift. They are as follows:

  • cloud:list-containers - lists the containers (i.e. buckets in S3 terminology) within the given object store.
  • cloud:list-container - lists all the blobs (i.e. objects) contained within the given container.
  • cloud:blob - retrieves the given blob (i.e. object), including metadata and its contents.

As an examples, to list the Virtual Machine (VM) images available for the location azure-west-europe, you would run

bin/client "list-hardware-profiles --location azure-west-europe"

Note that in order for this to work, the location azure-west-europe should be available in the AMP catalog. For further information and parameter for each of these commands see the relevant command’s --help section.