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What is Cloudsoft AMP?

Cloudsoft AMP (Application Management Platform) orchestrates services, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure that they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real time.

Cloudsoft AMP is built upon a foundation of autonomic computing, a framework which allows systems to configure, heal, optimize, and protect themselves according to policies established by their operators.

Cloudsoft AMP makes operational expertise part of application design. Applications respond to demand, failures, and changing priorities automatically, across public and private clouds, or your own hardware.

AMP provides a policy-driven control plane that actively manages applications through their lifecycle. Blueprints define application architecture and describe the policies that control the application.

Policies define application behavior:

  • auto-scaling thresholds
  • placement criteria for workloads and for data
  • high-availability requirements
  • cost constraints
  • relative application priorities
  • service levels
  • jurisdictional constraints, etc.

Blueprints and policies are composable, allowing complex deployments and behaviors to emerge based on the aggregate needs of the application.

Why use Cloudsoft AMP?

  • Cloudsoft AMP is a foundational technology by which users automate the entire application lifecycle
  • Cloudsoft supplies a foundational technology (AMP) to reduce the complexity involved in the modern application lifecycle:

    • designing
    • developing
    • deploying
    • orchestrating
    • governing
  • AMP is the basis on which to automate the entire (modern) application lifecycle
  • AMP automation can be applied to the entire lifecycle of a modern cloud application

A simple, conceptual overview of the relationship between Cloudsoft AMP, your appplication and its blueprint:


  • AMP permits policies and directives to be established that will result in defined, expected application behaviors
  • AMP automation is understandable and expresses both:
    • static properties
    • desired dynamic behaviors
  • AMP does so in terms that are meaningful to the person describing both an application’s configuration (static properties) and the desired behavior (in-life management)

The result is sophisticated behavior across the full lifetime of an application, through the use of a modest number of understandable constructs, thus reducing complexity and reducing the level of human involvement.

What is included in Cloudsoft AMP?

A hardened, tested, commercially supported version of multiple open source software projects (Cloudsoft AMP, Apache jclouds) plus AMP utilities that:

  • permit the curation and presentation of cloud-based applications (AMP Catalog) and

The bundled AMP ecosystem provides you with the following:

AMP stack.

What does a typical Cloudsoft AMP deployment look like?

There are many ways to use and configure Cloudsoft AMP to meet your particular needs. The following diagram provides an overview of how you might use Cloudsoft AMP.


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