Deploy & Manage Apache Cassandra


In this tutorial we will show you how to deploy the widely used NoSQL database Apache Cassandra.


This tutorial assumes you have installed Cloudsoft AMP.


Deploy Apache Cassandra Datacenter cluster

From the AMP Home page, click the Catalog tile. Once there, you are presented with all installed bundles.

Tip: A bundle is a logical group of blueprints and resources that you can install in AMP. For more information about it, please read this documentation.

Search for the entity Apache Cassandra Datacenter Cluster. If you are in the bundle view (toggle button below the search field) bundles containing an entity corresponding to your search will be displayed. You will then need to expand it and click on the corresponding entity you are interested in. If you are however in the type view, only entities corresponding to your search will be displayed.

Catalog page for Apache Cassandra Datacenter Cluster entity

Once you find the entity, click on it to go to the details page. Click on the Deploy button. Enter a name for your application and the location where you wish it to be deployed. Under Configuration, delete the configuration key called dynamiccluster.memberspec by clicking on the trash icon. Then, select ADD CONFIG and enter the following config keys:

cluster.initial.size: 3
cluster.initial.quorumSize: 2

This will deploy an Apache Cassandra Datacenter cluster to your chosen location with, as the configuration suggests, an initial cluster size of three and a quorum of two.

Deploy Apache Cassandra Datacenter Cluster entity

Inspect the sensors

From the UI module menu (top right) select the Inspector, expand the Apache Cassandra application and then click on the child node. There are five tabs: Summary, Sensors, Effectors, Management and Activities.

To find out running information about the application, select the Sensors tab. This tab displays live data about the cluster, such as the fraction of CPU time used (percentage reported by JMX), averaged over all nodes.

Each node in the application has it own sensors values. To inspect these, simply select the node from the application hierarchy.

Inspect sensors

Scale out the Apache Cassandra Cluster

Scaling out the cluster is done using the Resize effector. With the root node of the cluster selected, click on the Effectors tab. Click on the Invoke button beside the resize effector and enter the desired size for the cluster.

Once invoked, AMP will either create or delete nodes from the cluster to bring it to the desired size.

Resize cluster


AMP simplifies the deployment of Apache Cassandra by managing the cluster. AMP supports not only Apache Cassandra but a number of other databases.