Cloudsoft AMP


These resources will help you to:

  • get started with the Cloudsoft Application Management Platform
  • compose and develop application blueprints
  • deploy and actively manage applications across public, private and hybrid clouds
  • operate them in highly-available, secure production AMP environments


To get started, select the type of blueprints that make sense for you and your environment:

  • Maeztro Blueprints are the simplest way to get started with AMP when you have existing Terraform. The Maeztro subsystem allows AMP to read and augment Terraform at design-time and at runtime, using sidecar *.mz files so that there is no change needed to Terraform workflows, and your AMP experience is very familiar to Terraform development and operations

  • AMP Blueprints are the most general and powerful mechanism for describing applications in AMP, using a YAML syntax conformant to OASIS CAMP – or the visual Blueprint Composer

  • TOSCA Blueprints are an alternative to native AMP blueprints based on the OASIS TOSCA standard. Again you can use the visual Blueprint Composer and convert between TOSCA and CAMP YAML.

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