Paths Breakdown

Based on the installation method you choose, the paths to the installed components of AMP will be different. The following table will help you to easily locate these:

Installation method AMP Home AMP Logs AMP Configuration AMP Persisted state
RPM Package /opt/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>) /var/log/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>/data/log) /etc/amp /var/lib/amp
DEB Package /opt/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>) /var/log/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>/data/log) /etc/amp /var/lib/amp
Vagrant /opt/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>) /var/log/amp (symlink to /opt/amp-<version>/data/log) /etc/amp /var/lib/amp
Tarball Zip Package /path/of/untar/archive /path/of/untar/archive/data/log /path/of/untar/archive/etc ~/.brooklyn/brooklyn-persisted-state