Getting Started

The Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP) allows you to deploy and manage applications across public, private and hybrid clouds.

It makes it easy to get applications into the cloud, and then automate operation of those applications.

Blueprint an application

With AMP, you begin by blueprinting an application: capturing the install, configuration and operation of your application in simple YAML- or Java-based artifacts.

These blueprints can then be deployed to virtually any public or private cloud platform, or as Docker containers to an AMP-managed Docker Swarm.

Actively manage an application with Policies

AMP provides a policy-driven control plane that actively manages applications through their lifecycle.

Policies define application behavior:

  • auto-scaling thresholds
  • placement criteria for workloads and for data
  • high-availability requirements
  • cost constraints
  • relative application priorities
  • service levels
  • jurisdictional constraints, etc.


Blueprints and policies are composable, allowing complex deployments and behaviors to emerge based on the aggregate needs of the application.

Cloudsoft AMP makes operational expertise part of application design.

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